Quilting with Cats: Sitting on a Thing is Approval of a Thing

Dear human,

Sitting on a thing is approval of a thing.

For just about every quilt thing you try, you reach a time when you stop the machine, put away your iron, and get your new thing all spread out.

Lucy, a cat, sitting on Bailey Island Hobo bag by Aunties Two
Lucy approves of this Bailey Island Hobo bag by Aunties Two
Lucy (left) tests snuggle factor while Oscar (left) watches nearby

It’s at this point I love to get involved. This is when I give my approval. I like to go up to the thing just when you’re not looking. I take a sniff, begin to walk across it, and I ask myself…

How does my fur look on the thing when I shed? Does is just blend in or does it stand out nicely? Will she notice it?

What is the paw feel of the fabric used? Would it be improved with a few snags? How about butt feel? Does the fabric encourage snuggling with their softness and/or warmth?

And how long did my human spend laying the thing out? Did she seem to take extra care with smoothing, straightening, or pinning? Would it be improved with crumpling?

For me a very special thing will show fur nicely, encourage snuggling, snagging, or crumpling, and will have taken you extra care to lay out nicely.  In my opinion a thing like this deserves to be sat on. This is my approval.

Lucy McKitty

PS: I may sit on your thing if I don’t like it too.

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