Quilting with Cats: Laying on a Thing is Improving a Thing

Dear human,

You recently asked why I lay down on your things. You were not very nice about it, but I will tell you any way.

I wrote that sitting on a thing is approval of a thing. It’s very nice when you lay your things out for me to approve. I like to sit on all the things.

Sometimes I also like to lay down on a thing. I do this to improve a thing.

I find that laying down on a thing crumples it most nicely. A crumply thing is a thing I like to snuggle in.

Laying on a thing for long periods of time also adds more fur to a thing. This improves softness and makes you think of me when you see it. (Caution: Your allergic friends WILL sneeze at this)

In addition, you may not notice, but in this way I also leave more scent on your thing to scare away other cat intruders. Other cats are not good. You must love only me.

So you see, when I lay on your thing it’s for your own good.

Love, Lucy

PS: You can thank me with treats.

Laying on a thing NEW

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