Craft Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

There’s nothing like the holiday season for unleashing the craftiness in us all. Crafters and quilters can revel in a season when the spirit of making falls on kids making advent paper chains and dads stringing popcorn and cranberries with their daughters alike.

Of course, it can also be hard to find the time for crafting in the middle of all the season’s events and to-do’s. I have yet to whip out that elusive Christmas quilt or pull together the perfect tree skirt. It seems like every year my Christmassy accomplishments always fall short of my vision.

But the best part about most Christmas crafts is that they keep!  And so, little-by-little, every year my crafted stash of decorative delights gets just a little bit bigger.

Here’s a few of my favorite Christmas crafts from the last few years…

Doily Snowflake Table Runner

Antique doilies collected over several years strung together fall like snowflakes across the table.
‘Tis the season for red, green, and white.

Wooly Mittens for the Tree

Wooly Mitten Ornament Complete with Wooly Sheep
Happy Holly-days!

Mom’s Christmas Angels

Every year a few more of these lovingly stitched angels find it to my tree.
Angels in the trees

Scrappy Christmas Stockings

Getting scrappy to make this year’s Christmas stockings.
Scrappy Stocking Hanging.jpg
Hanging so prettily from the mantel

Merry Crafting to us all!!!


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