March is National Craft Month

March was first named National Craft Month over 20 years ago by the Craft & Hobby Association to promote the many benefits of crafting. Since then, a growing and diverse community of makers have formed a rich world of imagination and creativity centered around crafting.

This new world can be found in the limitless resources available online for crafters, and makers of all kinds – not least of all quilters. From Etsy’s vast online marketplace for handmade goods, to the millions of crafty ideas on Pinterest, Darby Smart, and thousands of other websites, blogs, videos, and forums …I like to think entered a growing crafty golden age.

Since this is the month for makers to revel in the joy of making, let’s celebrate …

Remember Why You Love It

I learned how to quilt from my mother who started teaching me to sew when I was little. It wasn’t until I moved back home after college when my mom convinced me to take a quilting class that my interest in quilting really took off. Now I’m totally in love with the craft.

I love the process of making something new, learning new skills, and overcoming the hard parts. I love going to shows and shops every chance I get, and I love reading and watching endless magazines, books, blogs, and online videos full of inspiring ideas and making beautiful things. For me quilting is a joyful, inspired act of love.

Make Some Stuff

What better way to celebrate craft month than to get right to it and make some stuff? Pick up that unfinished project you’ve been meaning to get around to, or learn something entirely new. Plan a craft day with your kiddos. Get together with your quilt guild, craft club, or just a few friends to make stuff together.

This month, I’m promising to expand my crafty knowledge by finally getting around to using all that macramé cord I bought months ago to make a super trendy plant hanger!

Get Great Deals

Once you’re inspired and ready to craft, check out some of the awesome deals on crafting and quilting supplies being offered by craft supply companies this month. Here are a few National Craft Month Sales I’ve got my eye on.

  • SAVE UP TO 50% ON CRAFTSY CLASSES – TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! Craftsy is offering discounts on classes for craft month. Today is the last day of the sale, so let’s get shopping. Get the deets >>> 
  • JoAnn’s is offering a daily deal every day in March. Every day is something new. Get the deets >>> 
  • Even the Home Shopping Network is getting into the crafting spirit for craft month, offering to ship all craft supplies for only $5.00 this for the whole month. Get the deets >>> 

Be a Winner!

What’s one of the best parts about National Craft Month? Winning! We’re already winning if we’re enjoying making things, but as an added bonus this month, you can enter these awesome contests to win free stuff. Woot!

  • Win $100 in a craft store by entering the National Craft Month Selfie Contest. Get the deets >>> 
  • Win goodies from Thermoweb by participating in their National Craft Month Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram. Get the deets >>>
  • Win a $100 CreateForLess shopping spree by entering the National Craft Month Drawing. Get the deets >>> 
  • Win a $500 “Mystery Box” from Craftsy when you enter their National Craft Month Giveaway. Get the deets >>>

Happy Craft Month!

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