Modern Geese

I recently finished this quilt for a charity auction benefiting an SF-based contemporary dance company FACT/SF.

When I was first asked to make this quilt, about 3 weeks ago, I laughed in my friend’s face at the thought of making a charity-auction-quality quilt in such a short amount of time. I offered up some options from my pile of half-done projects. I talked about doing a jelly roll race quilt. And I definitely considered a flat refusal.

But as my friend and I talked about it more, the conversation kept turning back to what kind of a quilt I would make. What would a quilt for a dance company look like? How could it evoke movement? What aesthetic would reflect the style of this group?  And of course…what could I pull off given the time constraint?

Finally, the challenge to deliver something of quality in under a month took hold of me, and I found myself agreeing to take it on.  Sometimes it’s the constraints that can make a project special, and that was definitely true for me with this quilt.

roof top geese 3

I took a short cut through the design phase by creating a Pinterest board of quilt designs that fit my general criteria. They had to be modern and relatively quick to make, with a bonus for designs that evoked a feeling of movement.

What I landed on was surprisingly, or maybe not-so-surprisingly traditional (a design by  Beach Tree Lane Handmade called “Grey Goose Quilt” ). I absolutely love the simplicity and salience of the flying geese block. I love how it can instantly connect us with a long tradition of quilting and yet completely satisfy our modern inclinations.

Cape geese
Quilt or Cape?

Large blocks (5 by 10 inches) done in the simple gray evoke the contemporary yet classic aesthetic of the dance company. And of course the geese in alternating directions naturally create movement with white blocks adding a moment of pause, like a quick beat.

modern geese 2
Modern Flying Geese

I shortened the time to construct the top by using the Fons & Porter method for quick-pieced flying geese blocks, but after a week of entertaining house guests found myself having to do all of the quilting in a single day!

roof top geese 4
Modern Flying Geese in the Wind

But for all of life’s tricky interruptions, I’m happy to say, I’ve accomplished making one of my favorite creations yet in just under three weeks.

So, here’s to constraints that push us to make good things!




Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.20.53 PM
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Thank you to my good friend Triston Cossette for modeling, and for lending your roof top for these geese to really take off!



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