Inspired by Nature

If you’re like me, your quilt inspiration comes from a lot of different places. Maybe you get that rush of new ideas and enthusiasm to create something new from pretty fabric, fashion, fine art, beautiful quilts, quilt books, or even other quilters. I never leave a quilt show without a dozen new ideas swirling around in my head.

But I also love how quilters seem to continually draw from the natural world to invent new and completely delightful quilty creations. From animals, flowers, and leaves to dramatic night skies and sweeping landscapes, the natural world finds expression in our quilts.

Lately, I’ve been collecting pictures of nature that I find inspirational. I’ve gathered a few of them here to share…enjoy!

1. Big Beautiful Blooms

big blooms
Pretty, pretty, pretty. 

2. Scattered Sea Shells

scattered shells
So many different textures. 

3. Chicago City in Contrast

chicago contrast
Garden first…architecture of course! 

4. Dried Flower Standing

dried things
Perfectly preserved and lovely. 

5. Sunlight at Sea Ranch

sunlight at sea ranch
Light is good.

6. Little Flower up Close

flower close up
Drama queen!

7. Giant Mushrooms

giant mushrooms
The tiniest things can be big too, depending on your point of view.

8. Pastel Seas

pastel seas
This ocean is not blue.

9. Sea Pebbles in Focus

sea pebbles
Pebbles and shells again. 

10. Lady Boss

lady in the sand
Lady Boss gets it done and looks fab doing it.

11. Orange Dahlia Explosion

dahlia in orange
Want to know what to do with orange? Just ask nature…

12. So Long

skunk train perspective
Keeping it all in perspective

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