Welcome to Quilt Heart


Quilt Heart is a place for quilters and lovers of quilts. A place to talk about our fabric loves and ignite our creative fantasies.

I love spending time making beautiful things—quilting, sewing, stitching, and crafting. I’m drawn good design, colors, beautiful material and want to feel inspired. I enjoy the artistry and process of making quilts, and I share the quilts I make with others as an expression of kindness. 

I believe that quilting is a joyful, inspired act of love.



More about me…

I’m Laura Damkoehler, a quilter, crafter, SF-city-dweller, doting cat mom, and generally nice person. I recently quit my job to pursue my love of all things quilty. This blog is my beginning…(read my full story in my first ever blog post: Why I Quit my Job to be a Full-time Quilter)

I’m totally in love with the craft of quilting. The beautiful creations of unassuming generations of women. The time I get to spend with my mom sewing together. I love the process of making something new, kitties getting all up in my business, and learning new tricks and overcoming the hard parts. I love going to shows and shops every chance I get, and I love reading and watching endless magazines, books, blogs, and online videos full of inspiring ideas and people make beautiful things.

Tell me what you think…

Tell me what you love about quilting.