Quilting for Charity: Celebrating the Generosity of Quilters

One of my favorite things about quilting is being part of an extended community of givers. Quilts are for giving, and quilters are the kind souls devoting themselves to share their lovingly made creations with others. The constant dedication of charitable organizations quilters run and participate in is inspiring. Quilters make quilts year-round for veterans, […]

My Adventures in Hamilton, MO at the Missouri Star Quilt Co.

I went to Hamilton, MO last August. The town is exactly what I imagined a tiny Missouri town to be, complete with sweet, lazy breezes, cute old houses, and one main street. Except that the main street is almost wall-to-wall fabric stores. All part of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I didn’t know about Hamilton, the […]

Why I Quit my Job to be a Full-time Quilter

It’s not an unusual story for someone in her mid-to-late cough-thirties-cough, cough. I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with my job in financial services for a while now. Being a product manager gave me the chance to be creative and tackle various intellectual challenges; to learn and grow into a highly relevant and valued profession. But, for me, working in […]